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Season 7 of Outlander will be mainly based on volumes 6 and 7 of the saga: "Snow and Ash" and "The Echo of Distant Hearts". It should therefore resume following this final which leaves the future of Claire very uncertain.

Will Jamie manage to save her? Will the couple, and their families, be able to stay in America or will they have to flee, once again?

The episodes will also have to settle some of the questions that remained unanswered in season 6, namely who really killed Malva, and who is the mysterious prisoner from the future, and how he will interact with the Frasers.

It will also of course always be questions of the War of Independence, especially since the volume "The Echo of distant hearts" takes place between 1776 and 1778, the Declaration of Independence being signed on July 4, 1776.

How will Jamie and Claire position themselves in relation to all this? Jamie is likely to find himself in conflict with his friend Lord John Grey as well as William (who will be played by Canadian actor Charles Vandervaart) who are both on the British side. William in the army and Lord John on the underground side of intelligence.


This season should not be released on our screens before the summer of 2023 but it will exceptionally offer 16 episodes to compensate for the smallness of season 6, reduced to only eight episodes due to filming difficulties due to COVID-19 protocols but also because of the pregnancy of Caitríona Balfe.


While waiting for the summer of 2023, I offer you some very rare information that Starz shares here and there on the Net

It is obvious that if you are not up to date with reading volumes 6, 7 and 8, you may be robbed ;-)


What co-producer Maril Davis says:

"This is our biggest season yet. We have so many scenarios. So many different places. The trajectory - we cover so much ground. I feel sorry for our production designer, our art department, our costume designer and her team. It's such a huge season. We almost can't wrap him in our arms. It's not just the four extra episodes, it's just that the Revolution is here. It's going to be really exciting." 





The first trailer.  

Sam Heughan confided in an interview for Parade magazine:


"I think Jamie's relationship with Willie is one of the most interesting things for me to play. It is unrequited love. He can't love his son and be a father to him, but he has found ways to do so. It's another facet of Jamie's character that he has this unrequited love. He desperately wants to be his father and he can't. That makes the relationship [between Jamie and Lord John] interesting too. " 


A big thank you to Aurélie for the French subtitles! You can find her on her website: Outlander Addict  




New character = new cast  


Everyone who has read Diana Gabalon's books knows, an important character will finally cross the road of the Frasers during this seventh season. Finally, to be more precise, we had already seen him as a child and then as a teenager. But this time, it is as a man determined to take his destiny in hand that William will meet Claire and Jamie.  

To bring this role to the screen, it is not an exaggeration to say that the production had enormous pressure! But, in my opinion, they have once again chosen the ideal actor.  

William will be played by Charles Vandervaar, a 22-year-old Canadian actor.  

Not only does he look like both Jamie (Sam) and Brianna (Sophie), but it would seem, reading the various reviews about him, that he has the ideal character to blend into the team of actors who have been touring for many years.

Other crucial characters will join this new season, namely Denzell and Rachel Hunter.

The Quaker siblings, friends of Dottie Melton, niece of John Grey, joined the American troops.

This is where they cross paths with Ian and William.


Denzel will be played by Joey Phillips while Izzy Meikle-Small will lend her features to her sister Rachel.

Without spoiler more than necessary, season 6 will bring us back for a time to Scotland where we will have the pleasure of finding the Murray couple.

Unfortunately, for scheduling reasons, Laura Donnelly, who played Jenny Murray, Jamie's sister, was unable to return to her role.

It will therefore be the actress Kristin Atherton who will carry this preponderant role on her shoulders.

For those who have read volumes 7 and 8, we know who will interpret the roles of Rob Cameron, Benedcit Arnold, Buck McKenzie (a few minutes played by Graham McTavish in season 6), and Mercy Woodcock

 Chris Fulton for  Rob Cameron

Diamerg Murtagh for Buck McKenzie

Rod Hallett for Benedcit Arnold

Gloria Obianyo for Mercy Woodcock

Steven Cree, who plays Jenny's husband Ian Murray, talks about the subject for the newspaper


"To be honest, coming back without Laura wasn't that weird because I hadn't filmed with her since season three which was in 2017, I can't remember. I hadn't been there for five years. The last time I filmed on [the show], my daughter had just been born."
In fact, it was exactly five years ago, so in fact, season three would have taken place six years ago. [Editor's note: since he also starred in season 4, for the arrival of Brianna].
The Kilmarnock, Scotland star then tackled the work with new co-star Kristin Atherton, whose previous credits include Waterloo Road, Doctor and Rocket's Island as well as his theatrical work which includes productions with the Royal Shakespeare Company and the National Theatre.
Cree said: "And actually, Kristin [Atherton], who came in and played Jenny, was so fantastic and my storylines [previously] on the show were mostly with Jamie and Claire. I've never really had so much stuff with Jenny. It was good."
He continued: "It was really nice to go back. It was kind of like... It was weird, I didn't feel like I was going to work. In a way, I felt like I was going to put on a wig and clothes with my friends and taking on a Scottish accent. I feel like we're all putting Scottish accents in there."
The actor joked: "That's true, honestly. I feel like I hear myself, I feel like I'm putting on a bad Scottish accent."
Reflecting on being a part of Outlander, Cree said: "I don't think I'll be back on a show that's a global phenomenon, so it was nice to be a part of that journey and it was never too ubiquitous. For me. I've always had the opportunity to go back and forth, to do other things. So it was a great experience."
Cree admitted he wanted to make sure his schedule was clear so he would be available to reprise his role in Outlander and described it as a "privilege" to star on the show.
He said Outlander has become much more than just a job for him after attending numerous fan conventions over the years, saying viewers are "so excited."
The star will now appear in the police series The Diplomat, which will be broadcast on the screens of UKTV Alibi in February...
Cree also has a few film projects in the early stages of development. Outlander is set to air on Starz later this year with a total of 16 episodes.
The star said of future plans: "I think you never know what's going to happen, so I've learned over the years not to have expectations about anything."

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