analyze and suggest

The Red dress
By Éloïse Picquet 


Ah, Claire's famous red dress! Whether we like it or not, we are forced to admit that it is often - along with that of the wedding - the most beloved dress of the fans. This is also the one whose replicas sells best on home-made sites. But why ? Yes why this craze around this dress, and more specifically around red dresses in general? 

What can be said about Hugh Munro's gift to Claire two days after her wedding with Jamie. What symbolic hides behind this present which is anything but ordinary?
Can we imagine that beyond his sentimental value, there is a real desire to transmit protection or even to influence the meaning of this new life together? 

The dragonfly in amber
By Céline Liaudet 

You are fan of Outlander? You want to share a text? a poem, a letter, one analysis, a photograph, an outline of your personal collection, and what do I still know? Contact me 

The Parisian sacrifice 

By Valérie Gay-Corajoud 

Between conspiracies and manipulations in a foreign country, far from everything that brought them together, Claire and Jamie must still and always sacrifice themselves in the name of the past history to come.
The first part of the second season, as a painful but necessary joint before the curse of Culloden 

The Savages
By Claire Nedelcu 


While life is finally organized at Fraser Ridge, Jamie and Young Ian go a few days to Cross Creek to find a matayer, while Claire goes to help the daughter-in-law of Gerald Mueller to give birth.
But now the Indians come to drink their horses on the land of the German settlers. Mueller does not tolerate it and Claire must intervene. 

The dance of death
By Martine Thimond 


A duel which one could almost say 'fraticide' between 2 soldiers, 2 warriors, can also be considered as a dance, that of Death. 

The time of worship
By Valérie Gay-Corajoud 


When we learn that Claire knows more than God about the passage of time. 

References of Never My Love
By Eloïse Piquet and Valérie Gay-Corajoud 


Many symbolic references in the last installment of the fifth season! A small non-exhaustive overview.